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Finding full-time permanent employees

Finding full-time permanent employees who can perfectly blend into the existing work culture is one of the most challenging tasks for every organization. Choosing the right candidate is vital for the performance of the organization. Synchrony Systems Inc. is a reputed staffing and recruitment agency that provides unmatched full-time permanent placement services to IT enterprises. We offer our clients an opportunity to access the pool of qualified and thoroughly screened candidates having expertise in different domains and select the best ones. We are always ready to provide the right candidate at the right time to the organizations.

strong team

We have a strong team of dedicated consultants committed to helping IT organizations achieve their business goals the best. We work closely with our valuable clients to work out the best strategies and materialize them to meet all their staffing needs. We are determined to fill all the full-time permanent positions with the most deserving candidates through comprehensive background screening. We follow a foolproof process to avoid any potential bad hires and provide our clients with the best talent suitable for the organization’s desired level.

Our rich experience

Our rich years of experience in permanent placement enable us to deliver high-quality staffing services to our clients. We customized our process of talent search to suit the specific requirements of our different clients. Our tried and tested method of finding skilled candidates ensures that our clients won’t have to compromise on hired candidates’ quality. Collaborating with us can provide our clients with the peace of mind that they will not regret later and get a loyal candidate for the position. Our deep understanding of the candidates’ skill sets enables us to offer top-notch full-time permanent placement services to our clients operating in different domains.

Why Choose Synchrony SYSTEMS INC.

Staffing Decisions Backed By Data

Synchrony Systems Inc. helps you stay updated with latest trends in employment opportunities in different sectors of IT. You can easily stay on top of market trends without having to miss out on any promising candidate.

Efficient Screening

Save your valuable time from engaging with unqualified candidates through our thoroughly vetted screening procedure. Make the most of our personalized skill-screening reports for verifying the capabilities of candidates for addressing all requirements of the hiring manager. ar.

Successful Track Record

We take pride in our vast network of on-demand talent comprising of multiple prescreened candidates. The personalized analysis of each and every applicant with interviews, alongside the sophistication of the screening process with multiple tests helps us provide credible IT staffing services for all our clients.

Immediate Response

Our services are tailored for providing business advantage through immediate response to staffing requirements. Detailed consultation with clients alongside adapting to their staffing needs makes us the ideal choice for IT contract staffing.

Quality is the Key Element

Do not go for mediocrity just because you have to fill a vacancy. We redefine the conventional benchmarks of IT staffing with better emphasis on choosing workers with attention towards personality, organizational fit and attitude. At the same time, a larger selection of top talent improves our capabilities to provide you a curated list of candidates.

Continuous Improvement

We are always focused on achieving better standards of client satisfaction with optimally desired service quality. Our consistent performance reviews and different client audits help us in providing the best to our clients on a continuous basis. So, our clients don’t have to face any concerns regarding value with our IT staffing services.

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